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Speed boat rentals in Scheveningen

Destination: Amsterdam, Bloemendaal, Den Haag, Hoek van Holland, IJmuiden, Katwijk Aan Zee, Kijkduin, Monster, Nederland, Noordwijk, Rotterdam, Scheveningen, Wassenaar

Price starts from: €35 p.p.

Sail +100 km / h with a Speedboat over the water!

Are you in for excitement and sensation? Then you are at Go Fast Scheveningen in the right place. Our fast speedboats have engines between 50 and 600 hp and can reach speeds above 100 km / h. The speedboats of Go Fast Scheveningen can be used to race over the waves, to wakeboarding or to sail banana behind the speedboats. You can already rent a Speedboat in Scheveningen from 20 minutes with a group, or you can sign up as a step-by-step on a day on which we have fixed trips. Nothing is too crazy for Go Fast Scheveningen, we arrange sufficient capacity for groups of up to 300 people.
Go Fast Scheveningen the service and quality are of paramount importance! Before we sail, the group is informed about the safety and regulations on the speedboat. After the regulations, you will be hoisted in the suit and life vest, after which the adventure can begin. After the Speedboat has sailed out, the gas can go on and we will start with the activity you have chosen. With a banana flying over the water, or when you are only going to sail at speeds of up to 120 km / h on the water. The good service, speedboat, and skipper ensure that your trip will be unforgettable.

Included during Speedboat rental Scheveningen
  • Enough boats
  • Certified skippers
  • Lifejackets
  • Petrol
  • Excellent service
Single ride (35 minutes): € 35, - p.p.
Single ride (1 hour): € 60, - p.p.
Bachelorette package: € 45, - p.p.

We staan klaar met voldoende speedboten voor groepen tot 300 personen?!

Go FastScheveningen has a boat park with its own and partner boats. We offer the possibility to sail on one of our regular journeys, please contact us. You can also rent your own boats, depending on the group size and activity we will coordinate which boats are most suitable. The speedboats have a capacity between 6 and 12 people. A large group or a small group, at Go Fast Scheveningen you can always rent a Speedboat.

Complete Speedboat arrangements at Go Fast Scheveningen

In addition to the separate rental of the speedboats, Go Fast Scheveningen offers more options. Go Fast Scheveningen has put together various arrangements for you (see arrangements), but also offers the option that you compile this package yourself. Look at the packages for the various packages for company outings Speed boat rentals, bachelor trips Speed boat rentals, staff parties Speed boat rentals and school trips Speed boat rentals in Scheveningen.

Catering tijdens Speedboot huren

Through our partnerships with various beach tents and restaurants, Go Fast Scheveningen can offer a comprehensive catering service. So before and / or after the Speed boat rental in Scheveningen you can enjoy a snack or a drink to recover from the spectacular boat ride.
Type of arrangement prices
Champange on board from 4.50 euros p.p.
Beer / Wine arrangement 2 hours unlimited from 19.50 euro p.p.
Beer / Wine with snacks arrangement 2 hours unlimited from 24.50 euros p.p.
BBQ in the harbor or on the beach from 19.50 euro p.p.
BBQ + 2 hour drink arrangement from 39, - euro p.p.

Renting the Speedboat at various locations and events in the Netherlands.

Go Fast Scheveningen is based in Scheveningen, but because of its mobility, branch offices and partnerships, it offers its services at various locations. Consider the various (port) events such as flag days or world port days. On request, Go Fast Scheveningen will come to desired places to offer its services.


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